When it is about completion of a construction or renovation, details do matter in a significant manner. These little things are very important when you want to see your hard work as success. And this is where Eddy builder’s house cleaning in Melbourne walks into the picture. Our firm is more than competent of managing whether it is rubble, dust or debris in an effectual and professional method. We at AGS cleaning have been doing this for more than ten years. Believe and have trust in experts.

What we deliver?

We at AGS house cleaning Melbourne are aware of how significant the outcome is. Does not matter whether it is your home or business, new building or renovation we are expert at finishing and touch ups are very important. And that is the reason why we deliver the supreme services at an affordable price.

  1. We will expertly clean the sills, ledges and windows.
  2. We will thoroughly clean the ceilings and walls
  3. We will precisely clean up the floors for you.
  4. We will descale and clean the kitchen tiles bathroom.
  5. We will also deep clean the sinks, showers, bathroom, bathtubs, stairs as well as floor.
  6. Also the minutest details such as boards, frames and wainscoting the fixtures, sockets, switches.


1. Best customer service: – Having a global reputation to hold up is the reason why the customer support executives are professionally trained and are ready to deliver an unimaginable customer service. The only thing you need to do is either ring or ping and we will be there in just no time.

2. Fully Personalized Solutions: – We have the services which is personalized just for you. Right after the builders have accomplished building service. And we provide time-bound service which is thereby fully customizable.  

3. Services at affordable cost: – We deliver excellent services with the expertise and experience is a market which is very competent. As we have been there behind numerous successful projects we can tackle any challenge Why not call and see for yourself. 

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