Our backGroud Story

At AGS cleaning. we believe in as you being the customer you have the full right to have the cleanest and comfortable environment. The cleaning solutions at US clean we have a motto to give exactly what you need. So don’t think too much over it, ring us for a quote.Does not matter what you need, we with our expert and trained professionals we can make do with your tight schedule and personal preferences. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost significance. Therefore we make sure that whatever we do your need, gets delivered at firsthand. Whether it is a one-off cleaning or a cleaning service is that is required from time to time. Thereby ensuring a more blissful and healthier place for your loved ones.

Services we provide include:

1. Green cleaning
2. Home/residential cleaning
3. Maid services
4. Small office cleaning
5. Apartment/condo cleaning


1. Supreme Cleaning at minimal cost:

The AGS clean services are quite dependable with flawless cleaning solutions one may be looking for.
Being just not only reliable, but we are also quite cost-effective. So being cost-effective makes us one of the most
preferred cleaning services in Melbourne.

2. Unique Needs, unique solutions:

We know every house and premises have unique cleaning needs. So here we are to cater all of the
needs of the customer whether it is house cleaning or official mess clean up. We can get it all done like
that. So you don’t need to worry about anything else. Hence trusting your work with the professionals is
always a smart choice on could make

3. We are on time, every time.

We offer professional cleaning services in just no time. We make sure that whatever you need is
delivered within the promised timeframe and of course with a smile. We are very punctual as whenever

you need us we will be there ASAP and get it wrapped up in a professional manner..

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